North Las Vegas Real Estate Information

North Las Vegas, home to 217,000 people, is the third biggest city in all of Clark County. It is well known for its access to traditional recreational activities, including over 30 public parks that are open all year round. Situated right on the north point of the Las Vegas Valley, it is fast becoming one of America's most rapidly expanding cities in terms of population.

One of the fabulous qualities of North Las Vegas is the friendly, warm atmosphere. It also provides rich opportunities for development, a very responsive government and a high sense of civic pride. Inside of the city there is a technology district offering highly advance infrastructure and systems, world class public transport and a very experienced work force always happy to share their knowledge. The economy powers along with help of local, national and even international business arrangements.

The city is 98.40 square miles and is bordered by panoramic mountains and valleys throughout the desert. The city motto, "Your community of choice" is well chosen, as North Las Vegas more than lives up to it. The sun isn't always shining here, but 86% of the year is still very impressive, and provide ideal weather conditions for the locals to enjoy the 30 plus parks in the city.