Clark County Real Estate Information

Clark County will celebrate its centennial this year and is currently the 15th biggest county in the United States. It is more diverse than most areas, and more people live here than in any other South Nevada city, including Las Vegas.

It also offers services to over two million residents and almost 44 million travelers each year, and has an area of over 8,000 square miles, making it ever greater than New Jersey in terms of sheer size. The government of Clark County has vital leadership responsibilities in ensuring the quality of air in the area, as well as the water. It operates McCarran International Airport, amongst others, and houses South Nevada's one and only public hospital, the University Medical Center, as well as playing an important role in promoting public healthy and safety and tourism.

Clark County offers service to such unincorporated towns such as Laughlin as well as Overton, the home of the Lost City Museum. It is one of the most rapidly growing cities in America today with over five thousand new residents moving in each month. It is estimated that 3 out of every 5 of these people come in search of economic opportunities.

The residents to the south acquire all urban needs from Clark County rather than other local areas, largely due to the fact that it provides all the services one would expect a big city to have while still boasting unspoiled parklands.


?For those buying homes, price declines are outpacing national averages and there are plenty of quality-made homes available. Add to this, the property taxes are low, especially compared to other neighboring states, and there is no corporate, personal or gift tax.

Price declines here outpace the average in America, and there are always different properties available to suit your needs, as well as the added advantage of low taxes, and the fact that personal and gift taxes do not exist here, and you will understand why it is such an affordable place to live.

The most heavily populated city in all of Clark County, Las Vegas has experienced continual growth for almost 3 decades. Throughout 2007 an average of ten new inhabitants moved to South Nevada every hour, every day of the week, and although that has slowed the economy here is continuing to boom and provide new opportunities for locals every day.